In many cases, sand sculpting events, both public and corporate, are not just created as stand-alone displays of fine art. In fact, they serve a purpose and are used to convey a message in a very appealing way to large crowds. Therefore, WSSA has developed numerous Sand Art Events and Concepts to help strengthen city marketing goals, brand development and product development, as an integral part of your marketing approach. WSSA has a proven track record of 25 years of marketing experience, using sand sculpting as its unique medium. Your marketing and PR goal is our starting point in the development of concepts for public and corporate sand art events.

Due to the difference in scale and purpose, we make a distinct difference between the concepts and organization of a public and a corporate sand art event. Public events are mostly targeted on the general public, whereas corporate events target specific groups, for example visitors to a trade fair and corporate clients.

Also the locations and therefore the execution of such projects differ. Public sand art events are created on locations easily accessible to the general public and corporate sand art events are often realized as an interactive presentation on trade fairs, convention centres, etc. This calls for a different approach right from the start.