Using a sand art as a medium for promotional purposes at corporate events or as an integral part of a company presentation at trade fairs, enhances interactivity between your company and visitors and stimulate repeat visits to your presentation. WSSA can develop a tailor-made concept for you, help with the technical realization, offer support on marketing and PR, and recruit skilled technical staff and sand artists who can carry out the project entirely according to your wishes.


A sand sculpture is heavy in weight. When using an indoor location e.g. a shopping mall or a convention centre, limitations to the maximum floor load are essential to know on beforehand. It is also important to know what kind of surface the actual floor is made of, to diminish the possibility of damage. The location should be easily accessible by trucks and shovel or bobcat to deliver and transport the sand. Then there should be sufficient water supply, since water is used when compacting the sand. The use of a fire hose is the best possible water supply. The storage of materials is important to have a safe and clean building site, attractive for the public.


  • Develop a concept in which the sand sculpture caters entirely for your specific marketing and/or communication goals, based on the available budget
  • After an initial agreement on the concept, a provisional down payment is made to cover the costs of a site visit
  • Visit the site, to see if there are any technical obstacles with regard to the location and personally finalize with the client the exact requirements
  • Draw up a final agreement and contract
  • Provide a design or designs (depending on the number of sculptures required)
  • Provide a technical schedule and planning outline
  • Select and recruit sand artists with the right skills to execute the project
  • Provide a schedule for delivery of sculpting sand, technical equipment, materials, artists and staff
  • Oversee the arrival of the sculpting sand, technical equipment, materials and staff, for on-site preparations
  • Oversee the arrival of sand sculptors to start the sculpting process, right to the end of the presentation
  • Oversee the clearance of sand and materials after the event


To meet the marketing and communication goals during your event to a maximum, we can assist you in defining the optimal parameters. This will enable you to make full use of the value of a sand sculpture as part of your corporate event. We can also assist you with the compilation of press releases for the media, by providing you with the “need-to-know” and “fun-to-know” specifics on sand sculpture.

When the artists are briefed properly prior to the event, they will be able to convey your company message to spectators and guests and at the same time answer all questions your guests may have on the art of sand sculpture. This maximizes the interactivity of the entire presentation. Also an extensive briefing of your local staff present at the event is advisable, so that they can answer most questions on sand sculpture asked by visitors and media.

We are used to working closely together with staff of your organization, and it is always our goal to turn the entire event into a success by joint force and effort, from beginning to end.