WSSA has developed and executed numerous tailor-made concepts for public events around the world, helping local organisers with the technical realization, offer support on marketing and PR and recruit skilled technical staff and sand artists who can carry out the project entirely according to your wishes. The lifespan of a sand sculpture, and therefore the duration of a public event, mainly depends on the quality of the sand, used to create these pieces of art, as well as local weather conditions and climate.


  • Develop a concept in which the sand sculpture event caters entirely for your specific wishes and goals, based on the available budget
  • After an initial agreement on the concept, a provisional down payment is made to cover the costs of a site visit
  • Visit the site, to locate the right sculpting sand, see if there are any technical obstacles at the location of your choice, and personally finalize with the local event organizer the exact requirements
  • Draw up a final agreement and contract
  • Provide a design or designs (depending on the number of sculptures required)
  • Provide a Technical Reader, specifying all materials and technical equipment
  • Select and recruit sand artists with the right skills to execute the project
  • Provide a schedule and planning outline for delivery of technical equipment, materials, sculptors and staff
  • Oversee the arrival of technical equipment, materials and staff, for on-site preparations
  • Oversee the arrival of sand artists and start the realization, right to the official opening of the event

Technical lay-out event location


In order to realize a sand sculpting event, materials and technical equipment should be in place before the crew will arrive. Therefore, we will provide a very detailed technical manual, mentioning all necessary materials and technical equipment, which should be hired or purchased on location. And last but not least, we will provide a technical schedule and planning outline, including flight schedules, hotel and F&B requirements.

In most cases, specialist technical assistance is needed to carry out a large sand sculpting event. Especially during the compaction process, specialists with knowledge of building up massive sculptures even up to 20 meters high, done by heavy equipment, are essential to ensure a safe working environment for the sand sculptors. WSSA can provide these technical specialists who will work closely together with local construction companies carrying out the compaction process. Usually, a team of local helpers is recruited during this process who are supervised and guided in their work by WSSA technical staff.


From experience we know that sand sculpture events generate enormous free publicity. We can also assist you with the compilation of press releases for the media, by providing you with the “need-to-know” and “fun-to-know” specifics on the art of sand sculpture, resulting in abundant media coverage.

Therefore, professionally compiled press kits, containing press releases and additional background information, should be made available to the media. Also an extensive briefing of local staff of the event organization is essential, so that they can answer most questions on sand sculpture asked by the media.


If sponsorship is required to make an event feasible, we can assist you with compiling sponsor packages. At the same time, we can provide you with a list of items which can be of interest to other companies, in terms of material and financial sponsoring. Companies participating as a partner will benefit greatly from exposure during a sand sculpting event, resulting in a good return on investment for products and brands.


When a project is carried out, local art students who would like to help during a project or who would like to become a sand sculptor themselves, can be trained by professional sculptors before and/or during the entire building process. These local students are welcomed warmly by the professional sculptors, because it stimulates cultural and artistic integration and it can be the start of a new local team of sculptors. If an event organizer is interested in a training scheme for local students, WSSA can advise on who to approach locally and how to reach them.